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  I was born

and raised in the cotton capital town of Ville Platte, La. After finishing high school I got married to my high school sweetheart, Debbie.  In 1978 her and I bought a record store in Eunice, La. By doing so, that had fulfilled what was to become a life long passion of mine, music. However, another dream of mine was coming true not too long after that.  The wife and I were expecting twins and when they were born our world changed forever and for the better. 

  About four years later, and during our ownership of that music store (it was rightly named, the "Music Machine"), I was approached by Tom Voiche Jr. of KJJB radio. He offered me the opportunity to host a radio show.  After much discussion, the wife and I decided that I should try being a DJ for the exposure and for the extra cash it would bring now that we had twin babies.  It was this radio show that I hosted, along with my co-host "Dr. Feelgood" Burge, that the "Swamp and Roll" program was born.  On that show, in those days, I played mostly "Swamp Pop" music and "Rock-n-Roll" from that era in time. 

  Several years later, I was approached by the founder of KBON, Paul Marx.  From this discussion came an offer of employment.  He offered me, and the show itself, to join the KBON team which I immediately did. 

  Technology and time waits for no-one.  This was evident by the year 2004.

So, with the record sales drying up, the wife and I decided to close that record store.  The decision to do that was also helped by the fact that Paul made the suggestion that should not only I continue with my show but I should also go to work for him in the sales department.  Again, I took that opportunity, and the rest is history. 

  With so many years that have past since then, I look back and consider myself blessed.  I'm blessed because I have had so many years here at KBON.  I'm also pretty darn lucky to have listeners like yourself sharing my passion for our Cajun culture through the joy of its music.  

  So, below you can see an "Email ME" icon which you can use to reach and give me a shout.  But, whats even better is that you  can still catch that same "Swamp-n-Roll" show, I started so many years ago, every Thursday Night from 6-10 pm.  So join me for the best that Cajun culture has to offer. That's the "Swamp and Roll" show 

every Thursday right here on KBON.

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