Broadcast radio continues to be a leading source of information and entertainment across demographics in the US.


Based on a Monday-Sunday 24-hour weekly cume estimate, radio reaches 93% of all consumers in the U.S. every week (for more, see RAB’s The Radio Marketing Guide).   

What matters is that this reach carries impact—radio is a highly targeted media channel with the advantage of sound to drive emotional engagement and recall. In a Radio Ad Lab study exploring how radio ads affect their audience, consumers cited a sense of personal relevance as one of the factors unique to radio advertising.

Here are a few more benefits of radio advertising:


  • Highly targeted and local (geographically, demographically)

  • High recall, even among distracted listeners

  • Effective reach and frequency

  • Flexibility for copy/creative changes and event-triggered campaigns 

  • Mobility (listen in the car, at work, at home) 

  • Strong ties to community, events, and promotions 

  • Low-cost production