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Life is a Battlefield - Opelousas Native featured in VIE Magazaine

Opelousas, LA - Meet Geoff Speyer of Opelousas. Geoff is a former U.S. Army Veteran that served tours in Iraq and has seen and experienced things many of us wouldn't wish on our worst enemy. Geoff has faced many trials and tribulations since returning from the Army including PTSD, alcohol and drug abuse, incarceration, suicide attempts, and even a motorcycle accident that nearly cost him his entire leg.

Most, when faced with that type of adversity, would have given up, but not Geoff. He was able to conquer his demons, and is now working to help other United States Veterans that have faced similar situations.

In May 2020, on Memorial Day, Geoff started and completed a physical challenge that many may have thought to be impossible. He started on Friday at 12:05, and completed a 100 mile bike ride, he ran a marathon, and completed a 1 mile tractor tire flip. He completed the mission in 20 hours and 53 minutes. At the start of the mission he was 202lbs, and finished nearly 21 hours later weighing in at 183lbs.

Geoff trained for this mission for only a few months before completing it. Since then, many have wondered, why would someone put their body through so much physical pain. It was an easy decision for Geoff. He thought of the mission and completed the mission as a fundraising effort to support Mission 22, a non-profit organization aimed at helping U.S Veterans cope and transition from active duty to civilian life. Mission 22's main goal is to use resources at their fingertips to give veterans coping mechanisms to better deal with PTSD and TBI. Learn more about Mission 22 or make a donation HERE.

To learn more about Geoff Speyer and his incredible story read his feature in VIE Magazine by clicking HERE. In my opinion, the moral of this story is, don't let the bad life decisions of yesterday define who you are tomorrow. We all make mistakes, and Geoff has proven, that he's certainly made his share of mistakes, but he's also proven that we can all learn from our mistakes.