I was born in the Rice Capital of Louisiana

the last year Nixon was President.  I have one sister, a brother in law, and three beautiful nieces.  I come from a family of public servants.  For instance, my mother worked for many lawyers during her storied career, and my father was an officer with the Department of Public Safety. They were both brought up in and are products of, as I am proud to say, the best neighborhood that ever was, "South Crowley".  We ended up moving to Lafayette around 1989 because of the demands of my folks' career. 

  In 1992 I graduated from Lafayette High School, and in keeping with our family tradition, I too signed up to serve my country as my dad did, and as his father before him.  The only exception was  that I stayed for the next 25 years.

For those many years I was in the Army.  I was anything but bored.  I got see the four corners of the world and experience everything that came with it.  However, it was the tragedy of September 11th that changed my life forever.  That awful event provided me the privilege of not only serving my country but actually fighting for it.  And I got to do it in the elite 101st Airborne.  

  As time passed so did a couple of combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.  It wasn't long before the time for my retirement finally came.  When it did I jumped on it. Once my retirement started, the second half of this amazing journey of mine began.

  I started working for a local radio station in Ville Platte some time later.  When i was there I found that I loved the work and also thought that I may have found a post service career that just might suit me.  Yet, it was when I started working for KBON that it became apparent this place is more than just a great place to work for.  In fact, I love working here so much that I don't even consider it work.  I get to entertain an audience with some of the best music ever made.  I mean, where could one go wrong, right?  Since being a part of the KBON family, I have experienced one heck of a welcoming-home. They had gone to great lengths to make me feel at welcomed and at home, too.  I also have to credit KBON with the fact that, not only do I have a great time entertaining you guys, but since I've been working here fellow co-workers like Todd helped me have a renewed appreciation for my Cajun heritage and the music that made it great.  

OK, well that's enough of me rambling on about myself.

  You guys can catch me every Saturday Night right here on 101.1 KBON, playing the soundtrack of our lives from 6-10 p.m. 

Also, feel free to email me anytime. 

You can catch me on twitter and Instagram by just clicking the little icons at the bottom of the page. 

See y'all later!

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