NOTE: At least 75% of the overall music on KBON is music from LOUISIANA recording artists, most of which reside in Acadiana; CAJUN COUNTRY!.


MONDAY-FRIDAY: 4:am to 5:am… (Computer programmed)- Gospel/Inspirational Music Hour

MONDAY- FRIDAY: 5:am to 6:am (Computer programmed)- CAJUN FRENCH MUSIC 

MONDAY- FRIDAY: 6:am to 12:noon (live)- Variety music- “HOSS” CHILDRESS 

MONDAY- FRIDAY – 12:noon to 6:pm (live)-“GUMBO” PHIL DAIGLE 

NOTE: EVERY FRIDAY 6:am to 6:pm is “100% LOUISIANA MUSIC” 

MONDAY & TUESDAY – 6:pm to 10:pm: Join Big Al for “THE ROUND-UP”. It’s another a great variety mix of KBON music, “Big Al Style”. 

WEDNESDAY: 6: to 10: pm (live)-LAYTON THIBODEAUX featuring the KBON 101.1FM variety of music 

THURSDAY: 6: to 10: pm (live)… “THE SWAMP & ROLL SHOW” with TODD ORTEGO, featuring talk, great music, public service information and live guests 

FRIDAY: 6:pm to 12:midnight (live) – “Vendredi Enfin”; (FRIDAY AT LAST) hosted by DEREK LANDRY.  Fire up the BBQ Pit, Grill or break out the black pot & cook something. Be sure you have your ice chest handy  

SATURDAY: 6:am to 7:am (Computer programmed)-Gospel/Inspirational Music Hour 

SATURDAY: 7:am to 12:noon (live)… “CAJUN MUSIC PROGRAM” with STERLING “Tee-Cajun” BURLEIGH featuring the best of Cajun music with a little “Lagniappe” 

SATURDAY: 12 NOON to 6: PM (live) … “SATURDAY AFTERNOON LIVE” with your host “BIG AL” BENOIT. It’s the perfect music mix for a Saturday afternoon and a great time to cook something and enjoy friends & family 

SATURDAY: 6:pm till Midnight (live) –  “SATURDAY NIGHT THROWDOWN”… Hosted by: PAUL MARX. It’s the VARIETY of music we here in Cajun land love to listen & dance to. Be sure & have your ice chest stocked.

SUNDAY: 6:am to 7:am (computer programmed)- Gospel/Inspirational Music Hour 

SUNDAY: 7:am to 12: noon (live)… “CAJUN SUNDAY MORNING” with DEREK LANDRY, featuring five hours of CAJUN MUSIC 

SUNDAY: 12: noon to 5:pm (live)… “BIG AL” BENOIT doing a variety of music but of course, with our great Louisiana flavor 

SUNDAY: 5:pm to 8:pm (live)… “WEEKEND WRAP-UP” with CHRISTE DAILEY. Great music and often in-studio guests