* KBON 101.1 FM went “on the air” May 29th, 1997.


* KBON 101.1FM is the ONLY major radio station whose purpose of going on the air was primarily to promote our local area, local music & heritage 24/7/365 as part of a regular daily format.


* KBON 101.1 FM Louisiana Proud Radio is a locally owned Louisiana Music powerhouse situated in the heart of Cajun Country, Eunice Louisiana. Our programming  is a unique variety of music with a Louisiana flavor, specializing in Cajun, Swamp Pop, Zydeco, Country, especailly Classic Country (When Country was really Country). Of course KBON 101.1 FM is mostly dedicated to Louisiana Musicians and local Music, with about 85% of our airtime devoted to local music artists.


* We are Louisiana Proud and are proud to be recognized as “THE” Louisiana Music Radio Station as we continue to promote our rich heritage and culture.


* Our slogan is “LET US, BEFORE WE DIE, GATHER UP OUR HERITAGE & OFFER IT TO OUR CHILDREN” and we don’t just say it, we live it!


*KBON IS A LEADER, NOT A FOLLOWER! We introduce & play the music when it is new and “unknown”, while other radio stations wait until a song becomes a hit before they play it.


* KBON 101.1FM's studio in Eunice, Louisiana is probably the most visited radio station in the world. Not only have the studios of KBON been visited by hundreds of musicians, but thousands of locals as well as “tourists” from around the world have come to tour the station and

enjoy its antiques, artifacts and the famous “Wall of Fame”.


Owner Paul Marx

Paul began his radio career in the mid 70’s, with a five hour weekly Saturday program featuring Louisiana recording artist, specializing  in our “local” musicians. In 1997 Paul was able to bring a new frequency to the airwaves; KBON 101.1 FM. Being sole owner of KBON, Paul was able to put together his “DREAM COME TRUE” music format, being “Variety With A Louisiana Flavor”. KBON’s music format is about 80% Louisiana recording artist, in particular our local Acadiana recording artists. Besides being a “local” 25,000 watts radio station, KBON is also heard around the world over their web site http://www.kbon.com. 


KBON also has the honor of very possibly being the most visited radio station in the world! The broadcasting studios are located at 109 South Second Street in beautiful Historic Downtown Eunice. Office hours are 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday thru Friday. Paul says “Drop by and visit one day. You’ll be glad you did”. 


Paul has received many honors in the past few years for his contribution to the promotion and preservation of Louisiana music & culture. Among some of the honors given him are…


* In 1996 Paul Marx was inducted into The Louisiana Hall of Fame for his efforts in years of dedication to the promotion and preservation of Louisiana music.


* October 1998 The CFMA (Cajun French Music Association) honored Paul Marx with a prestigious award for his contribution in preserving the Cajun language, music & culture. 


* October 1999 The Louisiana Blues Hall Of Fame recognized Paul “for his extraordinary work in the preservation of Louisiana Music & heritage”.


* October 1998, Paul was crowned the Ville Platte Cotton Festival King.


* May 2000 The Louisiana Music Commission issued Paul Marx & KBON its highest honor of “MUSIC DECREE” for efforts in promoting Louisiana music.


* September 2000 Louisiana Governor M. J. “Mike” Foster, Jr. and the state of Louisiana honored Paul with the “LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” for his contribution to the preservation of Louisiana music.


*Jan 2002, Paul was inducted into the historical Erath Acadian Museum as a “Living Legend”. 


* Paul received the 2006 Louisiana Association of Broadcasters award recipient for “35 years of Distinguished Service in Broadcasting” (all those years promoting Louisiana musicians) and “The Golden Mike Award” (The highest honor paid to a broadcaster) for his dedication to promoting the state of Louisiana.


* November 2006, Paul was inducted into the Lake Charles chapter of the C.F.M.A. “Hall of Fame”


* Paul was honored in 2009 as the Grand Marshall of the Gueydan Duck Festival.


* October 2010, Paul was crowned the Basile Swine Festival King.


* January 2012, Paul was inducted into the State of Louisiana sanctioned LOUISIANA MUSIC HALL OF FAME.


* July 2013, Paul was elected as the 2013 Honoree of The Cajun Culture Association Annual Grand Gathering Festival.


*Paul Marx has written numerous songs, including “TAKE CARE OF MY KIDS” and “EVERYDAY IS MOTHERS DAY” recorded by Wayne Toups. Paul has also had a couple of his compositions, which he recorded himself, recommended in Billboard Magazine, “YOU TORE MY WORLD APART LAST NIGHT” (1983) and “I WISH I HAD A JOB” (1986). Some of the other artist who have recorded some of his compositions include Lee Benoit, Blackie Forestier, Don Fontenot, Paul Jon Bonvin of Switzerland who did a cover of “EVERYDAY IS MOTHERS DAY” and most recently a song named “I’LL NEVER FORGET YOU” was recorded by Jamie Bergeron and included on his CD titled “You Know That’s Right”.